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The Scientific Committee includes experts on different topics related to Data Science and Modeling. In addition, other experts in many disciplines have offered to help the Program providing their support for specific problems related with their research activities. 

Here below is a first list of experts. A number of other scientists, both from Torino University and other research centers, have already been contacted for this purpose and their names will be added when their availability will be confirmed.

Alberto Acquadro 

Riccardo Bellan 

Elena Botta 

Cristopher Cepernich 

Ferdinando di Cunto

Flavia Di Renzo

Giuseppe Ermondi 

Mario Giacobini

Marco Guerzoni

Bertrand Lods

Maura Mattalia 

Massimiliano Nuccio

Alberto Oddenino

Ugo Pagallo

Paolo Provero

Katiuscia Sacco

Stefano Spataro 

Roberto Trinchero 

Massimo Vallerani

Alessandro Vercelli

Daniela Zugna

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