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Scheduled seminars 2020

Webex meeting

June 12, 12:00AM, Iacopo Colonelli
Efficient Deep Learning

June 5, 12:00AM, Elena Travaglia
1D model for an incompressible flow

May 29, 12:00AM, Duilio Balsamo
Non-medical Opioid Consumption on Social Media: Patterns of Routes of Administration and Drug Tampering

May 8, 12:00AM, Adane Tarekegn
Learning from Imbalanced Multi-label Data for early Diagnosis of Frailty

April 24, 12:00AM, Dayana Benny
Multiple linear regression analysis for the activity limitation assessment of asthma patients

April 17,  2:30PM,  Luigi Riso
High Dimensional Modeling for Variables Selection

Math. Department, Room 5

January 10,  4:00PM, Claudia Berloco
Testing Bayesian Spatial Models for Credit Risk

Scheduled  seminars 2019

Math. Department, Room 4

April 12, 2:30 PM,  Elena Travaglia
Numerical method for free-surface hydrodynamics flows

Aprile 12, 3:30 PM,  Duilio Balsamo
Firsthand opiates abuse on social media: monitoring geospatial patterns of interest through a digital cohort

Math. Department, Room S

February 20, 2:30PM, Amedeo Biolatti
Ensemble Learning

February 20, 2:30 PM, Iacopo Colonnelli
Process mining

Scheduled  seminars 2018

Collegio Carlo Alberto, Room 4

March 2,  4:30 PM,  Claudia Berloco
Key elements of a Bayesian Markov-Switching Correlation Model for Contagion Analysis - From an application to exchange rates to enterprise liquidity 

April 13, 4:30 PM,  Luigi Riso
An application of Dirichlet Process Mixing for Bayesian Nonparametric Spatial Modeling

May 18,  5:00 PM,  Adane Nega Tarekegn
Predicting Frailty Condition in Elderly Using Multidimensional Socioclinical Databases 

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