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Scientific and complementary training

The PhD course begins in November and has a duration of 3 years. The attendance of a PhD programme involves an exclusive and full-time commitment. Any activity carried out by the PhD student outside the doctoral programme must be previously authorized by the PhD Board.

The PhD student will be assigned a supervisor (with eventually co-supervisors) who will suggest research topics and provide advice during the student’s personal development as a researcher.

The training includes an initial alignment of skills and is planned at the beginning of first year by the PhD Scientific Board. This alignment includes the chance of following some courses of the master's degree in Stochastics and Data Science, in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or some special courses offered by the PhD program (see Courses offered section). All courses offered include a final examination (see Evaluation form section). This final test aims to verify that PhD students are able to apply their knowledge to solve problems in the involved field.

The PhD student must also participate in seminars on transversal topics (e.g. legal, economic) or aimed at deepening the preparation in Data Science (see Seminars section). For learning activities outside those organized by the PhD board, the PhD student must consult the supervisor beforehand.

At the end of each year (before September 30) PhD students must present an  Annual Report on their activity in the past year (see Info & Forms section). During a meeting with the PhD Scientific Board (generally scheduled in October), the PhD Students will be invited to give a short overview on their training/research activity and on their thesis project, in order to show that their research activity is sufficiently advanced.

The PhD Thesis is written in English (see Thesis and Final defense section). Note that it is expected that the research work for the thesis should lead to publications on refereed journals/conference books. A Thesis without publications will not be in general considered acceptable.

Detailed rules on the academic training are available here.

1st year

  • Attend courses/schools
  • Begin research activity
  • End-of-the-year reporting, evaluation (learning activity & research plan)

2nd year

  • Conclude the learning activity
  • Research activity full immersion
  • Teaching (eventually, permission needed)
  • End-of-the-year reporting, evaluation (learning activity & research activity)

3rd year

  • Conclude research and write PhD thesis
  • Teaching (eventually, permission needed)
  • PhD thesis submitted by October 31 of 3rd year
  • Internal review (PhD Board) of the PhD thesis with admission to the final procedure
  • External review of the PhD thesis with admission to the final exam

Beginning of the new year: discussion of the thesis, graduation

Detailed rules on the academic training are available here.

  • Admission to next years

In order to be admitted to the following year, PhD students should follow the following instructions (italian instructions)

  • Computer facilities

PhD students will have access to the computer facilities of the Departments involved in the PhD program.  Click here to learn more.

  • Mission abroad (Partipation to international schools, workshops .... )

The mission request must be opened in sufficient time to allow the fund holder and the Chief Director to authorize the mission prior to the date of departure. To ask the authorization fill out form (in italian) prior to the date of departure. 

At the conclusion of the mission, in order to obtain reimbursement, fill out form for the liquidation, attach all original expense receipts, the certificate of participation (or in the absence of this, check the self-certification from which it shows participation at the event) and deliver all the documents to the appropriate mission office, according to the usual (internal mail, manual delivery etc.). Closure of the mission and request for reimbursement must be made no later than within 6 months after the conclusion of the mission. 

For further info refer Servizi amministrativi e Contabili (under the section Missioni) 

  • Research period abroad

PhD students must spend at least 3 months (up to a maximum of 18 months) undertaking research abroad. During this period their fellowship will be increased by 50%. You can apply  online for the increase of scholarship.  Click here to learn more about instructions for requesting the increase of the scholarship with the online procedure + Vademecum

  • Guidelines for using the 10% budget

There is a budget that can be used by the students for needs compatible with the course's research and training doctorate. This is subject to the authorization of the PhD Coordinator in compliance with the provisions envisaged by the current PhD Regulations, as well as by the accounting rules public and internal University regulations.  Click here to learn more (in italian). 

  • Vademecum

PhD students have references and constraints to be observed with respect to the main administrative services accountants of the Polo di Scienze della Natura. Click here to learn more (in italian). 

  • Useful information

Useful information for PhD Students (in particular foreign students) are available here

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